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All About Us

Health & Wellness

Surayya of Women of Light is a registered nurse with over 47 years of nursing  experience.  With considerable knowledge in the medical field coupled with her compassion and holistic inspired lifestyle, holistic healing was a natural progression. She would be the first to acknowledge that all that she has gained through her natural healing practice has by far been more powerful than any formal training she has had in the medical field.
Surayya promotes health and wellness; recognizing the interconnection of mind, body and spirit in order to facilitate healing. Keenly aware that each person's holistic journey is as unique as an individuals thumb print; she provides healing support through various methods of the healing arts according to individual needs.
Surayya is a Reiki Master with 17 years of experience, utilizing techniques that trigger the body's natural ability to heal and maintain good health. Sound vibration therapy is another tool used to reduce stress and tension in the body bringing about physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Jin Shin Jyutsu, Guided Meditation, Rain Drop Therapy and Metamorphosis are but a few modalities used in her practice to assist clients in healing and maintaining the well being of spirit, mind, and body as one.

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